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Even with occasional vacuuming, grit and dirt accumulate in the foundation of your rugs and cause damage. Be it oriental, hand-knotted or machine-made rugs, our professional rug cleaning service will fully clean and protect your area rugs from long-term wear and damage. You can trust Alexanian’s area rug cleaning experts to help keep your rugs looking new, clean and fresh. If you are unable to drop your area rugs off at one of our locations, no problem – we will come to you!

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Includes in-plant washing. We also provide repairs, refringing, deodorization and moth prevention.

Your area rugs may need professional cleaning services if they have deep stains or a buildup of excess dust. They could even be warping in the corners. Having your area rugs professionally cleaned can also reduce the presence of contaminants that often settle in the fibres, leading to poor indoor air quality.

We offer the following area rug cleaning services: Stain Guard Protection, Moth Prevention, and Deodorization. We can completely clean your area rug with professional-grade service, helping to remove stains and restore it to its previous state. Our rug-cleaning process is safe for use on all types of fabrics and materials. 

The Five-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process

The key to getting rugs clean starts before we wash it. Below are the steps we take to ensure your rug will come back revitalized.

Step 1: We put the rug into a dusting machine, where all the grit and dust embedded deep into the fibres are removed. This portion of the process is dry.
Step 2: The next step in the rug cleaning process is testing the fibres for colourfastness. Our professional technicians want to protect the colours of your rug and avoid causing the design to blend together. At this stage, the rug technician will add blockers if the rug exhibits a tendency for the colours to run.
Step 3: Any spots and stains are removed by hand.
Step 4: The rug then will go into a bath, where it is soaked in both water and soap. Its fibres get lightly scoured, then it will proceed to the jet wash and come out through the wringers at the back of the machine.
Step 5: The rug gets hung in a well-ventilated temperature-controlled drying room where the fringes are hand cleaned. 

Cleaning Processes
Different types of area rugs require different steps in the cleaning process. Our experienced rug cleaning technicians understand that some materials are more sensitive to cleaning products or processes, so we make sure to follow the recommended steps for your specific area rug.

For example, a wool rug tends to be more durable and colourfast, but it’s sensitive to alkaline chemicals, so we use cleaners that leave your wool rug at the right pH balance.

A jute rug adds an earthy touch to a room, but moisture is this material’s known enemy, so we stay away from using any water in our cleaning processes.

If your rug includes any of the commonly used synthetic fibres, such as rayon, olefin, polypropylene, or nylon, we’ll utilize the proper cleaning products and processes to prevent excess wear and tear that could shorten the life of your rug.

Instead of investing in expensive cleaning products and spending time researching how to clean and care for your rug, allow our team of professionals to handle it. Regular professional cleaning services can also help to preserve your rug on a long-term basis, extending its life span while keeping its colours and designs vibrant.

If you would like to schedule service for your area rug, contact us today. Our technicians are available for rug cleaning in Hamilton and the surrounding area. We’ll be happy to set up a time for you to drop it off, or for one of our technicians to come to you. Our team also provides professional carpet cleaning services for clients within our service area, these cleaning services are a must to maintain healthy indoor air in your living space.

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